Market Rents and Sale Prices for the DeLeo Garages
Rent or Buy

The DeLeo Garages in North Cambridge on Observatory Hill are now available for rent. This page includes data about garage rental rates and garage sales (if any can be found in Cambridge) needed to help establish fair market prices for the DeLeo Garages.

Fifteen of the garages will be sold, either as condominiums or as outright deeded properties, if it proves possible to subdivide the land and buildings. First refusals to purchase a garage, by meeting the offering price of the highest bidder, will be given to renters who need garages for their businesses, some abutters, close neighbors, and renters who store vehicles used only occasionally.

The ten garages at numbers 67 and 69 Huron Avenue are equipped with electric overhead doors and optional other conveniences such as electric heat and electric vehicle chargers. Three of the 73 Huron garages have new versions of the original simple carriage-style doors required for storing landscaping equipment. The other three at 73 Huron and the three at 75 Huron have electric overhead doors.

Based on our research (see below), we initially raised the rents on the rear garages to $250/month, and the more convenient front garages to $300/month. This is compared to $250/month for a 10x10-foot outside storage container at Cambridge Self-Storage, 445 Concord Avenue. Beginning in 2014, the garages have been renting for $350-400/month.

To establish the market value for sales, we will promote the DeLeo Garages first to all the residents of our neighborhood - Huron Avenue, Gray Gardens, Upland Road, Winslow and the other "Little Dublin" streets off Sherman Street down to Walden.

Peter Dane sent us advice on the most likely people who might want a garage. They are within a four-minute walk to the garages. Those within a one-minute walk are likely to pay a premium price. Peter sent us this Google map roughly indicating circles with a 1-minute and 4-minute walk.