Rent or Buy

The DeLeo Garages at 67-75 Huron Avenue in North Cambridge on Observatory Hill are now available for rent for $500/month with an option to buy them as individual condominium garages if/when we subdivide the property.

We are converting the garages to include electric vehicle charging capability. The electricity comes from large solar panel arrays on garage roofs. The renter pays standard household rates per kWH instead of the higher rates at commercial EV charging stations like the ChargePoint at Raymond Park. Garages are optionally also equipped with electric heaters.

The 1920's-built garages have been modernized with insulated overhead doors, equipped with wireless remote control door openers and entry keypads. New interior walls and ceilings have over 100 square feet of shelf storage (a 10'x10' storage container rents for $250/month on Concord Avenue). Garages have been provided with electric wiring for optional electric heat and charging stations for today's electric cars. Garages are monitored 24/7 with continuous recording security cameras. Details on the 19 individual garages.

The DeLeo Garages are a secure and convenient home for your special automobile and the ultimate in off-street parking for our neighbors. They will enhance your property value.

Doyle Home

The DeLeo Garages have been renovated to restore them to original condition - dilapidated doors replaced, broken window glass reglazed, leaky roofs patched, gutters repaired or replaced, masonry pointed and coated with "drylok" to stop rain leaking through the walls, rough cinder block walls covered with painted wood, deteriorating fence boards replaced with white PVC, including gates for abutters. The driveway and courtyard has been repaved, and electricity has been restored (100A separate meters in each garage). The buildings are painted for the first time in decades. No structural changes have been made to the buildings, but a new 1000-cubic feet stormwater retention system was installed below the new pavement, to reduce flooding problems and to retain stormwater on the property, as is now required by the city. Outside walls have been waterproofed to below the foundation.

We will keep current garage tenants, neighbors, and abutters informed with web pages here on the continuing research and analysis of current garage rental rates and condominium garage sale prices in Cambridge over the coming years.

This market analysis will be used to decide on our rental rates. All the garages are now being rented (asking $500/month for rear garages, $550/month for front garages). There have been occasional vacancies. Email us to be added to our waiting list. The likely prices for garage condos when they are sold are - rear garages for $175-200,000, front garages for $200-250,000 (expected to add more than that to the property value of nearby residences).