The DeLeo Garages - Subdivision Plan

Thirteen of the DeLeo Garages (six at 69 Huron Avenue, five at 73 Huron, and two at 67 Huron) will soon be combined into a garage condominium.

Map of proposed subdivision

Two front garages (67C and 67D Huron) and land abutting Stephen D'Amato's property will likely be sold to him and merged with his existing property at 65 Huron. The new lot (shown in red) would be approximately 4580 sq.ft.

Three of the front garages (75 Huron) and one behind (73A) will be merged with the Doyles' property at 77 Huron. The new lot (shown in blue) would be approximately 4650 sq.ft.

Eleven of the back garages (73B to 73F, and 69A to 69F) and two front garages (67A and 67B) will be deeded to a condominium association (probably DeLeo Garages, LLC). These will be sold as individual units. We hope that some abutters and nearby neighbors will be the purchasers. The condominium common area (shown in green) would be approximately 5170 sq.ft.

The fence at the back of the lot is on Nicholas and Julia Kilmer property, approximately one foot inside their property line, but the new front surface, including gates for neighbor access, has been built and will be maintained by the condominium association.

Map of the DeLeo Garages